Which is the cheapest moving company in Dubai?

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Which is the cheapest moving company in Dubai?

cheapest moving company dubai

Unless you have a large truck to carry everything, you will have to spend money on a moving truck, trailer, orĀ moving companyĀ in Dubai. Given that the UAE government estimates that the average cost of hiring movers for an interstate initiative is 800 AED, it is understandable that you may be concerned about the costs involved. Ū” Ū” If you are looking for an affordable Moving company to help with your migration, here are some things to consider first.

  • Compare Estimates
  • Be aware from hidden chargesĀ 
  • Beware of cash payment forms
  • Get a Written Estimate

Compare Estimates:

As with any other home service purchase, it pays to the comparison store. Request in-house estimates from at least four moving companies, then compare the rates you receive, be sure to note the quote details. Does one mover charge travel time, while the other gives you free moving boxes?

Be aware from hidden charges:

The lowest estimate cannot be the cheapest bill. Although some Dubai movers are actually less expensive than others, any well-known operation will receive the same rates as its competitors because they usually have the same labor and overhead costs. If a moving company offers you an unusually low estimate, be skeptical. The mover can only pull you into a deal to deal with the extra charges later.

Beware of cash payment forms:

Every reputable mover company in Dubai has different forms of payment, including credit cards and personal checks. Avoid companies that only accept cash or that require large deposits. It is normal for immigrants to charge a small deposit fee to secure your transfer date, but only cash or large sums of money can identify an unscrupulous company.

Get a Written Estimate:

A written estimate creates an enforceable agreement. With long-distance Moving, once you receive a written quote, a moving company cannot deviate more than 10% from the original estimate. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration UAE has enacted this law to prevent consumers from being deceived by movers who deliberately lower the cost of their jobs, then send a final bill that is much higher than the initial price.

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